What is Cubs?

Cubs is going on adventures

Cubs is learning new skills

Cubs is helping others

But above all cubs is fun!

Cubs is open to all boys and girls aged 8 to 10.5


When/where do we meet?

We run two Cub Packs at 1st Henley:

  • Monday Cubs: 6:15 – 7:45 on Mondays
  • Friday Cubs: 6:15 – 7:45 on Fridays 

Both packs meet at the Scout Hut, Greys Road, Henley

What do we do?

Lots of fun activities! Most of which earn badges for the cubs.

There are 3 types of badges:

  1. Activity badges – often covered in one session eg. Chef badge, Fire safety badge
  2. Staged badges – for achieving a level of proficiency in an activity, usually with levels 1 to 5 eg. Navigation or Hikes
  3. Challenge badges – require the Cub to complete a number of activities for a theme  eg World challenge, Outdoor challenge. If a Cub achieves all 7 challenges badges, they receive the Chief Scouts Silver award

9 of our Cubs were awarded their Chief Scout’s Silver Award this year.

Recent Activities

  • A 2 night camp at the home of Scouting – Brownsea Island
  • A 2 night camp local to Henley with the whole 1st Henley group (Scouts and Beavers too!)
  • Meeting the Mayor of Henley and learning about the Town Hall
  • Crown green bowling
  • Litter picking in our beautiful town

Could you help?

Most, if not all, of our leaders have Cubs in the pack and whilst there is a waiting list to join, the sure-fire way to have your child join is to volunteer as a leader. That said, most of our leaders were in the Scout Movement themselves as children and for many it is the opportunity to rekindle those experiences that drives them to become involved and to get their own children involved too. We are always in need of more leaders so do get involved – it is very rewarding and great fun.

Interested in Joining Cubs?

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